Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Intro Post

It's not like this is my first blog; in fact, I have at least five I regularly post on. Anonymously. There's no need to attach my real name to any of that stuff. I do have a gaming blog, though, which supposedly tracks a D&D game I run on the weekends. Mostly it's about how sadistic people are in general. It's the "homepage" in my Blogger account. No clue why I'm even starting with this minutiae, but it seemed appropriate.

Anyway, the premise of this blog is mostly to talk about the hobby of roleplaying games from an inside-out sort of view, and to analyze it the best I can as both a member and a critical observer. I don't know if that makes any sense, as I'm not a Licensed Social Anthropologist, but after reading Shared Fantasy by Dr. Gary Alan Fine several times, I have some idea how to approach the subject. I plan to be as cruel, crude, direct and honest as possible, mostly because there's really no point in pulling any punches ON THE INTERNET, right? A lot of people in this hobby are delusional anyway, and some of them need a reality included. Call this cathartic if you wish, but as much as I love playing rpgs, there's a lot of bullshit that goes on in the "community" that is extremely annoying and hard to swallow given the people involved. Now, on to the next post.

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