Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Labyrinth Lord emulates Wizardry

One of my favorite games that I never got to play enough of (if hardly at all) when I was a kid was Wizardry for the Apple ][. I did play the hell out of Bard's Tale and Wizard's Crown, however, but Wizardry was really the first 3D perspective dungeon crawl I remember being completely enthralled with. Ultima never quite captured what I expected from a computer-based RPG, but Wizardry was there to destroy any notion I had that I might be somewhat competent at playing those sorts of games.

Lately, I've been playing A LOT of Wizardry on my iPhone via Sorcerer and Catakig, an Apple ][ emulator. I do in fact own the Ultimate Wizardry Archives, although the PC version is lacking some flavor that is hard to express...at any rate, some of the advanced character types in Wizardry are interesting variations of D&D classes; it's obvious from whence the influence came. However, the Bishop class is utterly lacking in my favorite D&D-like game, Labyrinth Lord, so I went ahead and wrote it up just to see how it'd play out. Someone said the XP table needed adjustment, but I'm still waffling on upping by as much as 20%, dependent upon further feedback. Has it really been close to a year since my last post on here? Weird.

Bishop Class for Labyrinth Lord


  1. Well, it's actually been 9 months, 14 days, 11 hours, 50 minutes since your last post.

  2. I loved Wizardry back in the day. I was playing it on an emulator a few years ago but the program ran into problems just as I hit the 10th level of the dungeon! I;ll have to check out the emulator you mention.

    I do like your Bishop class write up. I'll have to check out the AEC. I was thinking about trasferring it over to straight 1e AD&D but the spell numbers look pretty high for a 1e game, especially given the number of spells in the PHB (and UA). Have you play tested the class yet? How is it in LL?

  3. I haven't play tested it because 1) I hardly get a chance to play rpgs anymore (unfortunately), and 2) most sane DMs probably wouldn't let me. I agree that the number of spells is high, but realistically I'd think the inability to cast more than one spell a round limits any real abuse. Again, it's a straight port from Wizardry, so I make no claims of balance.