Wednesday, November 17, 2010

15 games in 15 minutes

Well, I saw a bunch of posts people made with this title, seems I missed the boat. Ahhh, the internet. Oh well, I'll throw mine out there. I couldn't find a consensus as to what sorts of games I was limited to listing, so I literally typed the first 15 I thought of.

  1. Astrosmash (Intellivision)
  2. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Cartridge (Intellivision)
  3. Mentzer Red box D&D
  5. Basketball
  6. Football
  7. Street Fighter II (Arcade)
  8. Gauntlet (Arcade)
  9. NCAA '98 (PSX)
  10. Food Fight (Arcade)
  11. Wizard's Crown (Apple ][)
  12. Wizardry (Apple ][)
  13. Chivalry & Sorcery
  14. Starfleet Battles
  15. Crossbows and Catapults
As my childhood was mostly late 70s/early 80s, I suppose most of this list makes sense. I hung out in arcades A LOT and played Intellivision every day. When we finally got a computer, my brother and I played Wizard's Crown for literally months. It was the first computer game I ever bought and taught me about tactics and logistics. I'm wondering why Food Fight sticks out in my mind so much; as a kid, I thought it was the best game ever devised. I can remember offering to go to the mall with my mom specifically on the off-chance she might let me swing by the arcade for a quick game. Basketball and football should be obvious enough; as I grew up, I participated and watched both of these sports, basketball religiously throughout high school, football when I went to college. The Mentzer Red Box...well, it was the first pen-and-paper RPG I ever owned and quite frankly (hah!), my favorite edition. What's funny is I remember the older Red Box set at Toys-R-Us, but my brother and I spent every penny we had on videogame cartridges, much like everyone else we knew. Alas, what could have been. D&D passed up for Horse Racing and Bump-n-Jump.

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