Thursday, March 10, 2011


Requirements: INT 15, WIS 12
Prime Requisite: INT, WIS
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: None
XP Chart: Magic-User
Saves: Magic-User

Alchemists are practitioners of magic historically interested in the transmutation of lead and other base metals into gold. As high level spells exist that can perform such transmutations, alchemy is mostly concerned with the creation of various magic items. Alchemists cannot wear armor, use shields, and are limited to the same weapons as Magic-Users. They are unable to cast spells except by using scrolls, but may learn any spell they encounter (Cleric, Druid, Magic-User, Illusionist).

Read Magic: Alchemists can Read Magic as often as desired.

Detect Magic: Alchemists Detect Magic as the Magic-User spell by concentrating (cf. Paladin).

Scroll Creation: An alchemist can create scrolls for any spell they know, if they have the available resources. See Section 8 of Labyrinth Lord.

Reaching 3rd Level: At 3rd level, alchemists can create potions.

Reaching 5th Level: Alchemists can use Identify (per the Magic-User spell) once per day, with no preparation. There is no CON loss associated with this ability.

Reaching 7th Level: Alchemist may create magic items of any type.

Reaching 9th Level: An alchemist of 9th level may use Legend Lore as a special ability, once per day.

Reaching 11th Level: Alchemists of 11th level and higher may begin work on the creation of a Philosopher's Stone. The properties of this Stone are left the imagination of individual GMs, but typically it grants immortality and the effortless transmutation of any metal into gold. Other abilities may include the casting of spells as desired, control over the elements, cast Wish once per day, etc. It is an artifact-level magic item and any alchemist who successfully completes its creation will surely be the subject of much observation. It is suggested the completion of the Stone require 1 million GP in costs and the gaining of as many XP. Or more!

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