Monday, March 28, 2011


Not this, unfortunately...

Requirements: CON 12
Prime Requisite: CON
Hit Dice: 1d10(+4)
Maximum Level: None
XP Chart: Fighter
Saves: Fighter

Berserkers are warriors who fight with reckless abandon and conquer their foes with fury instead of skill. All berserkers belong to a religious cult overseen by druids that provides training. This training requires the bulk of any money gained through adventuring, and a berserker may only retain as much as he can carry after expenses are paid. Berserkers fight as clerics, utilizing any armor or weapon (see below).

Berserkergang: By working himself into a frenzy, a Berserker increases his competency in combat at the expense of sanity. When in berserkergang, the berserker fights as a Fighter of the same level, adds +lvl damage to melee attacks and receives an additional 4xlvl hit points (e.g. a 3rd level Berserker would have 12 additional hit points and would inflict +3 to damage). This effect lasts 1 melee round per point of CON. At the conclusion of the berserkergang, a Berserker reverts to his normal hit points minus any damage taken, which can result in a negative total. A successful Save vs. Death in this case leaves the berserker with 1 hit point and he must rest for 1d6 Turns; failure means death. A Berserker in berserkergang must attack the closest live enemy, even if those that pose no immediate threat. A Berserker can end his berserkergang prematurely if all enemies are defeated. There is no limit on the number of times a Berserker can enter berserkergang.

Animal Form: Much like Druids, at 7th level a Berserker can assume either the form of a bear or wolf (player's choice, once made it cannot be altered), three times per day. The Berserker attacks as a monster of HD equal to his level but retains his own hit points. He can enter berserkergang when transformed if so wished. This form attacks three times per round inflicting 1d8 damage per attack. The Berserker adds his STR and berserkergang bonus to these rolls. Transitioning forms heals 1d6x10% of damage taken.

Reaching 9th Level: Berserkers who reach 9th level attract 1d4 animal companions, almost always bear and wolf cubs, but occassionally badgers, wolverines, dogs, hawks, eagles and ravens (see table below). Berserkers build no strongholds and at higher levels tend to abandon society, associating mostly with druids and other berserkers.

Animal Companions (d20)

1-6: Bear cub
7-12: Wolf cub
13-14: Badger
15: Wolverine
16-17: Dog
18-19: Hawk or Eagle
20: Raven


  1. He doesn't have "making fuck" abilities?

  2. Reaching 20th Level: Upon reaching 20th level a Berserker can "be making fuck". This allows him to penetrate any female within a 200' radius regardless of her wishes to the contrary. Using this ability always results in conception.