Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Requirements: WIS 12, CHA 12
Prime Requisite: WIS, CHA
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: None
XP Chart: Magic-Users
Saves: Cleric

Healers are clergy concerned namely with providing aid to others. They function much the same as Clerics, but differ in ability in several respects. Healers are moderately pacifistic, and thus only fight as well as Magic-Users. They can use any sort of hand-held blunt weapon, but cannot wear armor or use a shield. Healers cannot Turn Undead. They do gain bonus spells for WIS, if using that rule.

Spell Casting: Healers can cast Cleric spells, with much greater potency. Cure-type spells are doubly effective when cast. Ex. Cure Light Wounds normally heals 1d6+1 damage, but when cast by a Healer it will heal 2d6+2 damage. Other beneficial spells are similarly doubled in effect where applicable, such as Protection from Evil granting a -2 AC or Restoration restoring 2 drained levels. Healers cannot cast Reversed versions of any spell. Offensive spells receive no benefit, and Healers who call upon spells such as Blade Barrier or Flame Strike once too often may find themselves requiring an Atonement to regain their abilities.

Lay on Hands: Much like Paladins, Healers can "Lay on Hands", 2 hp per day per level, to heal others. This ability cannot be used on themselves. Unlike Paladins, Healers may use this ability as many times as desired, curing as little as 1 hp. At 8th level, 3 hp per level are cured, at 15th level this increases to 4 hp per level.

Reaching 9th level: Same as Clerics.

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