Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shamans and Lay Priests

Requirements: None
Prime Requisite: WIS
Hit Dice: 1d8
Maximum Level: 9
XP Chart: Fighter
Saves: Cleric

Shamans are tribal spell casters, and function much the same as clergy for more primitive societies. They fight as well as Clerics, can wear any armor and use a shield, and may employ any weapon available. They cannot Turn Undead. Shamans do not gain bonus spells for having high WIS.

Spell Casting: Shamans cast spells as Clerics, albeit only to the 9th level of ability (5th level spells). They are more apt to employ reversed versions of spells (Cause Light Wounds). When selecting spells for the day, a Shaman may use the Druidic spell lists in addition to Clerical lists. The Druid spell "Control Weather" is a 5th level spell for Shamans.

Scroll Use: Shamans can cast spells from Cleric and Druid scrolls normally, including spells not available due to level limitations. They can also make use of of 1st and 2nd level Magic-User spells enscribed on scrolls.

Reaching 9th level: A Shaman of 9th level is considered a village elder, with all the advantages and disadvantages that entails. Typically, this includes a retinue of 2d6 warriors (Hunters and Thugs) selected from the best fighters in a clan. Within the confines of his village, an elder has no need for money, food, clothing, etc.

Lay Priests
Requirements: None
Prime Requisite: WIS
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: 5
XP Chart: Thief
Saves: Cleric

Lay Priests are unordained clerics, spreading the word of faith through their own volition. While possibly spiritually adept, they possess no qualities suitable for success in roleplaying game and are mentioned only for sake of completeness. Some people enjoy a challenge, and the lay priest offers just that. They fight as Magic-Users (i.e. poorly), and may only use staves, clubs, daggers or thrown rocks. They cannot wear armor nor use a shield. They are unable to cast spells, but can use Cleric scrolls up to 3rd level. They may use any magic item available to Clerics. Lay Priests have no power over the Undead.

Prosthelytize: Lay Priests may convince the "common masses" to support their cause. 0-level humans (you may extend this to elves, dwarfs, halflings, etc., depending on the situation) may be moved to help the Lay Priest after listening to the priest's rhetoric. A failed Save vs. Petrification results in the victim believing the purported cause is just, and will follow the priest for 2d6 days, offering any assistance possible. Individuals who make their saving throw simply dismiss the priest as a blowhard. Up to 100 victims may be affected at a time.

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  1. Man,do I like the lay priests evangelizing ability. You could use a similar one for a port of the WFRP agitator to D&D.