Monday, March 21, 2011


Your basic light, mobile fighter with a few abilites to keep them alive. They're not stealthy, nor scout-like, and instead should be treated as regular fighters who soften up an enemy before the main battle takes place.

Requirements: None
Prime Requisite: STR
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level: None
XP Chart: Fighter
Saves: Fighter

Skirmishers are light infantry who augment the main force of an army with harassment of the enemy, typically using ranged weapons. They are trained to be mobile, thus can only wear leather armor. They are able to use shields and employ any weapon, but are partial to short swords, bows and slings. They receive +1 to attack/damage with any ranged weapon. Skirmishers engage in combat as Fighters, and are treated as Fighters in all other respects (magic-item use, spell effects, etc.)

Dodge Missiles: Due to their combat role, Skirmishers are adept at dodging arrows, bolts and sling bullets with a successful save vs. Breath Attacks (cf. Monks).

Fast Movement: At 1st level, a Skirmisher moves at 120'(40'), i.e. as a normal adventurer. At 5th level this increases to 150'(50'). At 9th level a Skirmisher moves 180'(60'), and at 12th level 210'(70'). Skirmishers of 15th level and above move at 240'(80').

Reaching 9th Level: As Fighters.

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