Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sorcerers: ultimate bad guys

As I was writing this class up, I realized how inappropriate it was for a "hero", at least whatever that term means within the context of a roleplaying game. I'll admit it, I greatly dislike flashy magic, and the idea of wizards traipsing about in dungeons, firing off magic missile spells just rubs me the wrong way. Perhaps it was all the Chivalry & Sorcery supplements I read that colored my thinking...anyway, the sorcerer as presented below is intended mainly to be an NPC. The PCs will never meet this guy face-to-face (if they're lucky), and instead will deal with his minions. At a high enough level, a sorcerer will usually have a bunch of demon friends hanging around at all times, the ability to summon countless monsters to deal with surly heroes, and probably a Teleport spell prepared to escape, just in case things go south. Guys who can compel Demogorgon and Orcus to do tasks for them aren't to be taken lightly...

Requirements: INT 17
Prime Requisite: None
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: None
XP Chart: Magic-User
Saves: Magic-User

Sorcerers are spell casters who engage in the "maleficium", or black magic. They are mostly concerned with the summoning of demons to perform tasks, and seek to acquire power through the subjugation of others. Sorcerers are wholy corrupt individuals and are often the target of persecution by the clergy. They fight as Magic-Users, utilize the same weapons and wear no armor. Sorcerers cannot read Magic-User scrolls and in fact possess their own spell lists incomprehensible to other spell casters.

Spell Casting: Sorcerers cast spells much like Magic-Users (see MAGIC-USER SPELL PROGRESSION chart on pg. 16 of LL:AEC), albeit with a different spell list. They require a spell book, preparation, etc.

Summoning: All summoning spells not outlined below (i.e new spells) have twice the listed duration. At 5th level this increases to 4x duration. At 9th level, summoned creatures (except demons) will remain in service to the sorcerer until killed or released. These creatures can be dispelled normally. When Summoning a Familiar, Sorcerers will always (100% chance) receive a special familiar (imp or quasit).

Control Demons: Much like evil Clerics may compel the undead to do their bidding, so too may Sorcerers compel demons to follow their command. Use the TURNING UNDEAD TABLE (pg. 13 LL:AEC), substituting demon HD for undead HD. Extremely powerful beings such as Orcus are usually willing to enter into contracts with high level sorcerers. Weaker ones are simply destroyed.

Reaching 9th Level: At 9th level sorcerers may create any magic item which aids in the summoning and controlling of creatures. At 11th level they may begin building a tower, which attracts 1d6 apprentices.


Level 1
Cause Fear
Charm Person
Detect Evil/Good
Detect Magic
Protection from Evil/Good
Summon Familiar
Summon Monster I
Unseen Servant

Level 2
Continual Darkness
Darkness Globe
Hold Person
Ray of Enfeeblement
Stinking Cloud
Summon Monster II

Level 3
Bestow Curse
Charm Monster
Dispel Magic
Explosive Runes
Protection from Evil/Good 10' Radius
Summon Monster III

Level 4
Conjure Elemental
Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser
Hold Monster
Faithful Hound
Polymorph Self
Polymorph Others
Summon Demon
Summon Monster IV

Level 5
Animate Dead
Contact Other Plane
Invisible Stalker
Magic Jar
Summon Shadow
Summon Monster V
Wall of Force

Level 6
Anti-Magic Shell
Conjure Animals
Death Spell
Flesh to Stone
Globe of Invulnerability
Suggestion, Mass
Summon Monster VI

Level 7
Grasping Hand
Holy/Unholy Word
Instant Summons
Power Word Stun
Summon Demon II
Summon Monster VII

Level 8
Clenched Fist
Mass Charm
Polymorph Any Object
Power Word Blind
Spell Resistance
Summon Monster VIII
Trap the Soul

Level 9
Astral Projection
Power Word Kill
Prismatic Sphere
Shape Change
Summon Demon III
Summon Monster IX

Summon Demon II
Level: 7 Sorcerer
Duration: See below
Range: 10'

This spell functions almost exactly the same as a summon demon spell, with the following differences. The summoning takes 1 turn per 3 HD of demon, the demon saves vs. spells at -4 on the roll and a protective circle is not required. The demon may be required to serve up to 18 weeks.

Summon Demon III
Level: 9 Sorcerer
Duration: See below
Range: 10'

An extremely potent version of the summon demon spell. The Sorcerer only requires 1 turn total to complete the summoning, regardless of HD of the demon, the demon is not allowed a saving throw and a protective circle is not required. Further, the demon will remain in service for up to a year, completing requested tasks to the best of its ability. Demons of godlike status are not exempt from this spell, but they will only perform service for 1 day. Any attempts at further summoning within 1 year will result in the total destruction of the sorcerer.

Summon Monster VIII
Level: 8 Sorcerer
Duration: 16 rounds, 32 rounds at 5th level
Range: 110'

Similar to summon monster I, (1d2) 9HD creatures are summoned in 1 round.

Summon Monster IX
Level: 9 Sorcerer
Duration: 20 rounds, 40 rounds at 5th level
Range: 150'

Similar to summon monster I, (1) creature of any HD is summoned in but 1 round.


  1. You are busting out the great alternative classes here.

    A possible alternate name for this one given the demon controlling would be "demonologist".

  2. Hey, at least someone is reading this stuff...yeah, demonologist would be a decent alternative name, but I went with the historical meaning of the word sorcerer. Not to mention, all the sorcerers in Conan stories are always using demon minions; I guess that's as good enough reason as any.