Saturday, April 2, 2011


Well, I had to write up this class anyway, might as well do it for the "B" first Stormbringer RPG character was a beggar who ended up getting some demon armor and became a fairly proficient spell-caster. He eventually wound up being killed by a Lord of Chaos.

Requirements: None
Prime Requisite: DEX
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: 9
XP Chart: Thief
Saves: Thief

Beggars are individuals who, by choice or circumstance, are destitute and beg as a means of income. Or so they would have others believe. Most beggars are employed by the Thieves Guild for information gained by spying or simply overhearing conversations. Almost always ignored, beggars can move freely without drawing suspicion, making them a reliable source of gossip. Beggars cannot wear armor, may only use small, one handed weapons and cannot use shields. They fight as Thieves, but only if absolutely necessary. Beggars have some of the abilities of Thieves, as described below:

Pick Pockets
Move Silently
Hide in Shadows
Hear Noise

These are all performed as a Thief 5 levels higher than the Beggar, e.g. a 1st level Beggar Hides in Shadows as proficiently as a 6th level Thief.

Know Rumor: Beggars rival bards and sages for knowing random bits of information. This information can be limited or expansive, as determined by the DM. Consult the table below to determine the possibility of knowing a rumor; failure results in nothing known. Rolls of 95-00 give false rumors.

Level% Know Rumor

Begging: The main ability of Beggars, this is both an art and a skill. Beggars have a chance of convincing anyone to give them 1D6 sp (or equivalent). Only one attempt may be made on any target in a 24 hour period. The target can Save vs. Breath Attack to avoid being so coerced. Attacking Beggars who are performing their craft is extremely distasteful and onlookers will almost always call the guard, or possibly defend the Beggar themselves if so able.

Reaching 9th Level: Upon reaching 9th level, a Beggar can assemble a loose organization of fellow mendicants. This provides 10D6 gp of wealth per month.

I decided the class needed level titles because those are always cool.

1: bum
2: deadbeat
3: vagabond
4: tramp
5: panhandler
6: mendicant
7: hobo
8: grifter
9: beggar


  1. I was going to do a post called "B is for Bandwagon" but decided that was way too asshole even for me.

    Beggar, very Judges Guild. I like. I would play one, but an Austin kind.

  2. Austin beggars are the worst panhandlers I've ever met. They're so unconvincingly awful at trying to hustle people, I can't see how they get any money other than from someone feeling sorry for their terrible skills. The buskers, at least those dudes are doing something for a buck.