Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This has nothing to do with my post, but it's certainly worth watching:

So, I really like the idea of a jester class in D&D. Perhaps it's because they disguise rapier wit and sarcasm with buffoonery, which allows them to get away with a lot more than a normal person. Even though they're often called fools, jesters are anything but foolish; frequently they are the smartest in any group. Talented entertainers, storytellers, jokesters and musicians, most jesters usually mix in good diplomatic skills and shrewd business acumen. It's not hard to see why almost all kings had a royal jester. My guess is that a lot of jesters moonlight as bards, simply to get the ladies. And new information for jokes.

I was pretty sure there were write-ups for jesters in D&D somewhere, and it took me around four seconds using Google to be proven correct. This page deals with D&D jesters far better than I could here. It also makes me really want to go back over my Dragon Archive very carefully; there was a lot of good stuff in those magazines.

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