Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is a project I thought would be pretty cool to do. Basically, it's free file hosting for OSR stuff. Sub-domains, completely user controlled. If people are too lazy to setup a real site, they can use XODA or something. No idea if this will take off or whatever, but I figure there are a few people out there who think it's a pain in the ass to use crap like MediaFire. If you see this, pass the word along. I hate trying to shill crap, even if it's awesome and free...


  1. Actually this is a pretty good post, and project. I hate those damn MediaFire sites and their viral-like pop-ups and flashy ads.

  2. I like the idea and appreciate what you're doing, especially to encourage people to stop using ad-heavy sites like 4Shared, MediaFire, and Scribus.

    While I'm blessed with some sever space on campus, I prefer to use a combination of DropBox, Google Sites, and Google Docs to host things.

    I notice that hosts both your stuff and Kellri's. Very interesting. . .

  3. If only I had any idea how to make it all work... Creating websites is all voodoo to me.