Monday, April 25, 2011


Peripherally related to Unicron...

Why hasn't there ever been a published Transformers rpg? It'd probably suck, but surely someone has thought of it about a million times, right? Almost all the anime-style giant robot games assume there's a pilot. I suppose you could just give the robots themselves character traits...maybe something like HERO or GURPS could do it, but those are way too rules-heavy for fast paced rpg based on an action cartoon. I'd really like to replay this scene in a roleplaying environment and have Optimus win. Hasbro killed him off in the movie simply to make way for a new line of toys, but they didn't expect massive backlash from hordes of kids who literally despised the film due to his death. My cousin cried, if I remember correctly. I'm really wondering why Megatron was a stupid spaceship in the live-action movies as opposed to a gun. It's kind of dumb that he turns into a pistol when everyone else is a Ferrari or F-15, but hey, that's his schtick, why mess with it? Even as Galvatron he transformed into a cannon of some sort. Is this turning into a fanboy rant? In all seriousness, how would you do a proper Transformers rpg campaign? What sort of rules would work the best?

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  1. I ran one back in the day using the Marvel Superheroes game system , worked fine.