Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why play AD&D

...if you're just going to house-rule it into 3/4th edition D&D? Seriously, I don't get some of those responses. Yes, scrap weapon speeds and adjustments to armor class, most people do that. But the rest of that crap...why not just play one of those other games? I'm not a big fan of attribute checks for AD&D, really. That seems more like the DM's responsibility to decide. The DM certainly might choose to roll to randomize it, but not the players. As stated before countless times on this blog, the players should be left in the dark about stuff. The ideal situation would simply be Black Box interaction with the referee where they get to roll zero dice, but that can be a bit excessive at times. Plus, I tried that before and it was a pain in the ass to keep track of everyone's hit points, weapon modifiers, etc. But still, most of that stuff should be secret.

Will someone please explain to these people that NOT knowing what's going on is 90% of the fun?


  1. LOL
    The only time I DMed 3rd edition (Pathfinder), I tried to house rule it into AD&D (it was a crappy idea, so I moved back to AD&D :D)

  2. I'm okay with people rolling the dice, but I do like to keep the mechanics behind the screen as it were.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Obviously I was engaging in a bit of hyperbole...players usually make all their rolls in the games I run. I just don't like the idea that they have a right to know why things turn out a certain way. It's like reading a mystery novel and wanting to know who the killer is upfront so you don't have to figure it out yourself. Kind of sucks all the fun out of it.

  4. Attribute checks were included in B/X D&D which is why I've been using them since I started running the game.

    To be honest, the main reason I house rule AD&D is I like the options of the game, but hate the insane minutia of combat.