Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ready Ref Sheets Volume I, Part II

I'm pretty much just going through the book very slowly, reading everything as opposed to simply skimming like I normally do. Check this out:

These charts are in the WOMEN section of City Encounters. Apparently you're supposed to roll for "vital statistics" when a notable woman is met. I must admit the chance to get an evil alignment is rather high, but perhaps the author has had experiences with women that mirror my own. Favorite part: old maids will be pure of heart. That's certainly a trope we can go with. Of course, maybe they're pure because they're so ugly...anyway, the world implied by these charts certainly has some weird looking broads: blue hair, Amazonian height, fur and tail, 48" bust line, transparent skin. That's what I randomly rolled, trying out the tables and I can safely say I'd never want to meet her.


  1. Transparent skin would be a deal breaker for sure.

  2. What if she used bodypaint?