Friday, June 17, 2011

Why I don't read message boards (mostly)

This post on begins a tangent about the stupidity of hit points and healing in D&D. I think this quote from a subsequent post sums up why I don't bother to read message boards most of the time: "D&D and that type of game should have gone with, I don't know, 'heals 1D4 x character level' from day one". Does this make any sense at all? Trying to impose some modern sensibility onto the way a game was originally implemented is fucking idiotic. Cure Light Wounds is called CLW because it CURES FUCKING LIGHT WOUNDS. Period. And, yeah, hit points for characters aren't exactly wounds. So what. I really don't know what to think about this stupidity. It is a game. Abstraction of reality is a part of a game. A spell that cures "wounds" doesn't make any sense due to the fact that hit points aren't technically wounds..?

Jesus Christ. I read a post on Grognardia today about being obsessed with the industry. Perhaps gamers are far more obsessed with being obdurate, pedantic morons who nitpick constantly instead of just playing. I know D&D has a lot of flaws, but these sorts of arguments are like saying the Model T sucked because it didn't have an independent suspension or disc brakes. I get angry when I read this sort of stuff. Not because they are making disparaging comments about a game I like, but because the comments are baseless and stupid. In closing, fuck you


  1. One of the more frustrating things about you is how hard it is to know what your opinion is, even on obvious issues.

  2. Yeah Brad stop prancing around and tell us how you really feel about the issue all ready.

  3. LOL!

    Wait a second, this wasn't written ironically?


  4. Stay off the big ones like rpgnet. some of the smaller ones are very much better and don't get so much of the fighting of the stupids at each other.

  5. I generally stick with purple worm. org, the nutgalleryreview and sometimes The bigger boards have too many jerks.