Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adventure Creation Kit

I was a huge fan of the Adventure Construction Set many years ago, and created some really awful games for my Apple //c. Generally I'd start out strong, then let the computer auto-generate the rest as I was more interested in playing than coming up with scenarios. My buddy had Garry Kitchen's Game Maker, and I was envious of him as I had no access to a C=64 at home. Later, I got Unlimited Adventures for my Mac and had about the same results: a lot of play, little work on scenarios. Unfortunate, too, because UA could duplicate the Gold Box games easily and at one point I wanted to create and Isle of Dread game but gave up to focus on girls (yeah yeah, I know...) At any rate, Adventure Creation Kit allows one to easily duplicate Ultima-style games in the same manner as these previous titles. I had never heard of it until this morning, but I'm going to install it later and make a game. Or at least attempt to make a game and give up to watch football.

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  1. How could I have forgotten about this? Yep, used to have Adventure Construction Set for C=64/128.
    I remember I started to make a Gamma World/Wasteland adventure. I think I just got lazy and gave up on it. I was probably busy playing other adventure games at the time.
    Wow! Takes me back..