Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shire: The Roleplaying Game

The MERP game got off the ground on Saturday, and seemed to go pretty well. Around an hour was spent making characters, which is insanely long compared to Labyrinth Lord, but in actual play everything went smoothly. The players decided to be a Dwarf Scout, Dwarf Ranger, Dwarf Warrior and Beorning Animist. One of the players decided not to show up, but that's okay; I think he was going to make a push to be Saurman and that wouldn't fly. I'm thinking of rolling up a character for him, possibly a female Elf Bard. Don't front, Chris.

Anyway, it was brought up during the game that a party of mostly Dwarves works just fine: Dwarves are inherently pugnacious, like treasure and go on adventures. This led to a further comment about Hobbits being annoyingly boring, and how a game consisting of all Hobbits would rapidly devolve into inanity. If in fact a Shire rpg were produced, allowing nothing but Hobbits, with the Shire as the primary setting, it would be the antithesis of every hack-n-slash rpg out there. I decided to create a short sample table of possible adventure hooks to give you an idea of how atrocious such a game would be.

Roll a d6
  1. Daffodil Brablebuck has lost her kitten! Mayor Whitfurrows offers a reward of three pints at the Green Dragon Inn to anyone able to locate the animal.
  2. You awake one morning and notice your favorite vest is missing two buttons; they must be found or replaced before cousin Bippee Gamgee arrives for dinner.
  3. There's a sewing contest at noon but you're out of red thread!
  4. Gophers are tearing up your garden but you're already late to the pub. A real quandary...
  5. Lena Nobottle insists she can blow better smoke rings. Time to break out the pipeweed and show her a thing or two.
  6. Eating contest between Adagrim Bracegirdle and Ted Tunnelly. Who will win?


  1. I'm thinking of rolling up a character for him, possibly a female Elf Bard.

    Awesome, the perfect swastika-carver-on-forehead character.

  2. The thought of you GMing adventures from that Shire list makes me want to play THAT.

  3. You might get a chance to be psychotic as everyone has pretty much said they'll kill any Hobbits they run into.