Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making stuff up is apparently bad


Seriously, dude, get a fucking grip. I fully understand that different styles of play appeal to different people, but directly calling people who wing it (and make stuff up in what you call an illogical manner) idiots is just asking to be called a douchebag. I would have posted this in the comments, but I'm sure it would have been deleted instantly.


  1. Hah. Get a grip yourself, sir. I make stuff up on the fly all the time! It is this silly policy that we should ONLY make stuff up on the fly that I argue against. That supporting stuff made on the fly with stuff being thought out, pieced together, carefully constructed and designed, is somehow wrong and evil, or wasteful, or annoying, or not true D&D. It's you getting pissed because you've decided to co-opt a description that wasn't of you, except that you choose to identify with it.

    I can't help what you identify with, Brad, but if you are going to insist on insisting that you are the stupid person I hate - when I never named you personally - then you're very welcome to the label.

    And yes, I would have deleted your comment if this is what you chose to put in that comment - because it is OFF TOPIC. Your personal feelings aren't relevant to that discussion.

    Hurts, I know. But this isn't all about you.

  2. This isn't about me to be sure, it's about you being a fucking jackass. Thanks for proving my point.

  3. The thing about self-centered, narcissistic borderline people with low self esteem, is that they are self-centered narcissistic borderline people with low self esteem.

    I know that the above comment probably looks like and will be taken as an ad hominem, but really it's more a statement of a tediously long post (25+ paragraphs) that in pedantic detail lists a bunch of facts he read somewhere all designed around highlighting his "evident intelligence". As is the case in these situations, any criticism is deleted if it can't be shouted down.

    What's really amusing is that someone who was actually an intelligent and erudite gentleman would find a way to communicate what he thinks without self-aggrandizing and in a more concise manner.

  4. I'm entitled to be a jack-ass, aren't I? Is there something about your punditry, or -C's, that says a jackass can't be a jackass on their own blog? Is it really necessary to whine and cry about it here?

    Begging the question, why are you reading a jackass's blog?

  5. -C,

    The thing about people with low self-esteem is that everything they don't like is proof of low self-esteem. Psychology tells us that people accuse others of that which they themselves most fear.

    I know that 2,200 words is a lot of words to read. I weep for you.

  6. I didn't state my personal feelings about your post, I just noted the fact that it's poorly written (i.e. having grammatical errors, long winded, uninteresting, generally derivative and yes, self-aggrandizing).

    It just doesn't reflect on you well.

  7. Hey, Alexis, I never said you couldn't be a jackass on your own blog. Point out where I said that. I simply stated that expect to be called out for douchebaggery when you do so.

    Reading comprehension skills, dude.

  8. Wow. My editor AND my critic.

    Thing about critics, -C. If they're hired by a corporation to do the reviews, their opinions don't amount to much.

    I guess I'll just have to live with the reflection I have. I won't be able to live up to the very high standards of excellence you present on your own brilliant and excellently written blog.

  9. Oh look. I did it again. I forgot a word. Now, here's the game: there's a 'not' missing from the previous post.

    Can you find where it belongs?

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  12. So, I should just point out that the way we determine the veracity of my original statement is by examining behavior.

    I'm just saying your responses aren't doing you any favors.

  13. Oh, give yourself credit, -C. You're saying a LOT more than just that.