Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DungeonMorph Dice

So, I got them today after waiting what feels like forever. Seriously, nearly 7 months? Anyway, these things are huge, the largest dice I own, barring the d30 I never use. I suppose the real question: are they worth it? Since I bought them sight unseen, I had nothing to go by but the conceptualization (which sounds awesome) and some mock-ups (which looked cool). Now that I have the things in my hand...no. I wouldn't buy these, not for $20. They're mostly a novelty item, to be perfectly honest, as I really don't see any practical application. Sure you can roll them and come up with some random dungeons, but you still have to graph that shit out anyway so might as well just come up with it randomly out of your own skull. For $10 I'd probably buy a bunch more sets, along with the other types, and truly create some random dungeons. At $20, though, they seem overpriced.

Anyway, more dice I'll never use. I have a bunch of dice from Flying Buffalo that are similar, but a lot cheaper. I've never used these, either, but they're cool to have and didn't cost that much. My suggestion to Inkwell Ideas is to find a way to dramatically lower cost, and size (they honestly are huge) before marketing these things as a regular product.


  1. I'm waiting for mine to arrive. Would you ever use these at the table? I thought they might be fun for a one-shot dungeoncrawl.

    I have a few other random generation accessories, but the most interesting stuff is the assortment of random tables that people have been posting.

  2. It might be fun to do a completely random dungeon, along with random monsters and treasure, etc. But these dice...you'd need a couple more sets, I think, to do it properly.