Monday, January 16, 2012

Blogger is the New Facebook

Or Myspace or whatever the fuck social networking thing people used before. Look, I subscribe to rpg blogs specifically to read about rpgs. I don't give one fuck about your political beliefs or religious beliefs, so unless your post is about those subjects within the confines of an rpg, please STFU. Seriously, using your gaming blog as a political platform is a disservice to the readers, even if they agree with you.

Time to purge ye olde blogroll, some of the repeat offenders have pissed me off one too many times.


  1. A-freaking-men!!! I don't mind the very rare "OMG can you believe this" post related to off-topic stuff but I agree. If you run a gaming blog, please stick to gaming in your posts or change the intent of your blog. I don't want to be hit over the head with the old "Democrats/Republicans/Libertarians/Liberals/Conservative/etc. etc. etc. are bad" rant. I want to hear about your house rules, the great time you had playing last night, your first experience with a new game, or just anything gaming related.

  2. Agreed! Wait, this doesn't include me, does it?

  3. I've got an idea...why don't you put the Eternal Keep on that list because I have been pimping your blog for nearly 2 years now.


  4. It's one thing to have a post every so often (I mean, it IS a blog) off-topic. I haven't seen anyone bitching about SOPA/PIPA at all, and these things could directly affect everyone who writes blogs. If Rick Perry wanted to outlaw roleplaying games and people started writing posts slamming the hell out of him, I'd be perfectly fine with that. If he wants to cut welfare, that isn't remotely relevant to an rpg blog.

    Does that make anymore sense? I think some people take me out of context. At all times.