Monday, January 30, 2012

Call of Cthulhu: The Game

Yep, they finally made one.

No idea how it'll play, but currently downloading now.

Also, shut up. Jesus Christ...


  1. There's no shutting him up. I just exercise my right not to read his garbage most of the time. I was just curious about what happened with JB of B/X Blackrazor, otherwise I avoid that blog like the plague. What I read just reinforced my opinion of Alexis of the Tao of Dumb & Dumbest.

  2. I would have commented directly on his blog, but of course he moderates comments. Easier to believe your own bullshit if no one disagrees with you, right?

    Also, I'm playing an assassin (don't read this, Mack) in a game and there aren't any major issues. After reading that post, I'm firmly convinced he simply doesn't like them in his game, which is FINE, but the blanket statements are absurd.

    The Cthulhu game is cool, in case anyone cares.

  3. He seems to me to be quite the egotistical, arrogant, control freak. It's either his way, or the highway. If playing in his game was the last option I had as far as RPGs go, I would take up knitting, or bird watching, HELL anything would be better than playing in one of his games, in person, or online.