Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cool Used Book Find

Over the past week my obsession with Palladium games, specifically Rifts, is at an all-time high and has possibly reached pre-college levels. Per my previous post, this is quite high. Getting all those new/used books to add to the collection didn't help. I'm at the point in my life where I refuse to pay retail, for anything, especially books that have been out of print for a number of years. If something is 10 years old, I figure I can get it for at least half off, unless it's a collector's item. Hence, I peruse Abebooks, Amazon, Half, etc. when I want to buy rpg stuff online. Unfortunately, the ratings from some of these used book companies is pretty fucking ridiculous. Near Mint doesn't mean a bent cover, nor missing pages. Sometimes I get stuff that doesn't match the description at all (hardcover Battletech Master Rules? Nahh, it's actually a softcover Battletech Compendium, what's the difference). But generally, deals are had. Every so often I get a book that has a cool bonus I never expected, and that happened today after opening the mail:

I obviously didn't expect a signed copy of the Rifts Game Master Guide, especially not for $12, but that's definitely something neat I can appreciate. Although, I wonder why the guy decided he'd rather ditch the book, obviously signed for him, than keep it. Perhaps sentimental value has no worth when dealing with Siembieda...

Completely unrelated, I found my new tattoo in a tat book:

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  1. That is cool. Ive had kevin s sign a lot of my palladium stuff over the years.