Sunday, January 22, 2012

D&D 5th Edition Will Suck

Referencing this:
Second—and this sounds so crazy that you probably won't believe it right now—we're designing the game so that not every player has to choose from the same set of options. Again, imagine a game where one player has a simple character sheet that has just a few things noted on it, and the player next to him has all sorts of skills, feats, and special abilities. And yet they can still play the game together and everything remains relatively balanced. Your 1E-loving friend can play in your 3E-style game and not have to deal with all the options he or she doesn't want or need. Or vice versa. It's all up to you to decide.
That's really fucking stupid. Seriously. I realize what Monte Cook is saying, and it *sounds* fantastic: everyone can play their preferred version of D&D at the same time! But that's idiotic...when you play a game, everyone follows the same rules. That's sort of the point. If you don't particularly care for the rules, you can change them, but all the players must adhere to the same rules-set. Having a ton of options for Player A (power attack and cleave or whatever) and none for Player B (1st level fighter!) isn't using the same rules, even if player B would never use those options. The fact that they don't exist means the two players aren't playing the same game, regardless of what the fuck Monte says. Either Player A's options are a simple charade or Player B is getting fucked.

WotC is doing the worst thing imaginable: trying to please everyone. This is impossible. 4th edition pissed me off, but a lot of people like it. I like 1st, 2nd, 3.X, B/X, Mentzer, etc, all for various reasons. Each of these games offers something subtly different and is worth playing for those traits. Trying to shoehorn everything into one unified game will not only strip out any of the reason for playing those games but also create a game that has no identity. Instead of another game some people like and some don't, we're going to get the equivalent of plain oatmeal: yeah, you can add whatever flavors you want, but in the end it's still fucking oatmeal. That is awful tripe.

I honestly looked forward to D&D 3 when it came out and was actually pleasantly surprised. I preordered 4th and hated it, gave away the books. But I *did* read them. I have no idea if I'll even bother with 5th because I ALREADY HAVE the versions of the game I like. Why the fuck do I want to waste money on something that attempts to duplicate what I already have? That's stupid. So goddamn stupid.

Also, Wizards is re-releasing AD&D, so that's cool. I mean, I already have 15 copies of the PHB, but hey, I'll buy a new printing. Why not? If you support OSR games whatsoever and do not purchase the new printing of AD&D you are in fact full of shit and a cheap bastard. All the complaining over the years about WotC just sitting on the D&D IP and doing nothing...well, those arguments are long gone. Buy it and shut up.


  1. Yeah I've already got my set pre-ordered at my FLGS.

    It will definitely be interesting to see the initial modular playtest docs. I have a hard time seeing how they balance one character with a ton of options vs one that's "basic", without succumbing to splatbook syndrome. I think the modularity of the thing absolutely has to be left up to the DM. Certainly players can make suggestions, but the DM has to have veto power of some sort.

  2. If you support the OSR then tell Wizards to shove it up their ass. It's a's the handjob while they are picking your pocket.

    Support the OSR and give Wizards the middle finger salute.

    See, this is working exactly the way they wanted...let's turn everybody against each other...wonderful...

    1. WotC likes money. They are selling AD&D specifically because they know people will buy it (the popularity of the OSR bears that out).

      Explain to me how supporting the OSR means not buying the real game. Explain to me how purposefully encouraging people not to buy AD&D is good for the hobby. I don't give one fuck about Wizards, but I like AD&D. If they are republishing it people need to buy it because hopefully they will continue to publish it.

      The only people being turned against each other are the ones who somehow think OSR games are better than the original.

  3. Re: AD&D Purchase

    Hurm. My reason for not buying even though I support OSR is that... I can't shell out $100+ for a game I'm unlikely to run anytime soon. My original B/X books, B2, and X1 are at least two years of gaming to me by themselves. That $100 is going to get spent on some combination of GURPS PDF's, Axis & Allies, the new edition of Ogre, and/or Traveller CD-roms instead. If more people are going to read AD&D, play AD&D, blog about AD&D, and/or run AD&D at cons... I'm all for it even if there's a Wizard's imprint on it. The only thing it takes from me is the pleasure I have in playing vintage/retro out-of-print games. I'm just not spiritually prepared for being temporarily back in style...!

  4. 'Hopefully'...there's where this all goes wrong.

    They are not going to keep printing it. This is just another smoke and mirrors trick to make people THINK they are not going to get screwed again. They've even said they are not going to keep printing this and yet no one seems capable of reading.

    There was a proper way to do this...this isn't it.

    And support the OSR so when WotC is done with their little stunt there will still be people producing new material that WotC are not going to produce.

    I mean, do you think they are going to start producing modules again? Supplements? Come on...

    No, they've had 12 years to get it right and after 4e and the nightmare that ensued from that fiasco I say buy the books that are already out there, send money to the memorial and let them know how the fans have felt who have had to suffer their stewardship of the franchise.

    1. This is just nerd rage. Why all the hostility towards Wizards? They publish a product you don't like, they didn't murder your mother.

  5. "WotC is doing the worst thing imaginable: trying to please everyone".

    I totally agree.

  6. I was under the assumption you could tweak the game to play it how you want.. but you will still need everyone playing to be on the same page.. You can't run an adventure with some guy playing a skills crunchy rogue and the guy next to him with a fighter with a BAB and AC.

    Oh and BTW love the background! I just ran my kids through Quasqueton not too long ago!