Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting Sick of Blanket Idiocy

From this thread: "Obviously there is no way I will play with the original rules now". WHY? No reason is given. None. Well, this thread talks about the system at length, pointing out the problems. And essentially the same old shit comes up: older game systems suck because they are older. That's it. This is exactly the same knock on D&D and AD&D. Newer games are newer and therefore better because they have rules that "make sense". The GM shouldn't have to make a rules-system work. No way. The rules need to be perfect.

As I have stated countless times already, if you are so fucking lazy that you cannot make alterations to a set of rules to suit your needs (within reason), don't run a game. Yes, the Palladium system has issues, no doubt about it. But are they really as bad as would have you believe? Not even fucking close. In fact, to be perfectly honest, half the systems touted as being superior actually suck balls. Further, I find it hilarious that a major knock on the Palladium system is that it has levels AND skills! Isn't that exactly the same as D&D 3.X and 4? No, see, they use open-ended rolls instead of percentile! TOTALLY DIFFERENT! There are only so many possible ways to quantify things using numbers that make any sort of sense, and all these "better" game system still resemble D&D enough that they're not any different.

This post is probably the worst of the bunch for obvious reason. Obvious meaning I won't explain myself whatsoever.


  1. My responses to this are so obvious that I will not post them here at this time.

  2. I like micro-games, but also dip into rpg's. I find that as a boardgamer and/or light wargamer, I expect things from the rpg rules that dedicated role players tend not to care about so much. It took about six issues of Fight On! and many game sessions before I realized that "Finish This Game Design" being incorporated into an rpg ruleset is actually a strength in some cases. Though I still have to admit that it is different matter when it is intentional than when it is inadvertently the case.

  3. Like many OSR lurkers, I started reading posts and put up with the dickheads until I found great sites like ChogWiz, Grognardia, LofP (I keep hearing Lord of the Fresh Prince in my head when I write that), Torch Pole & Rope, etc etc. can have some cool people (the Weird Fantasy Settings pdf started as a thread there, but again LoFP James jumped in and added gas to the flames), but the small mindedness and 'my game rocks, all other sucks' mentality is waaay to prevalent. Do yourself a favour, delete from your bookmarks.