Monday, January 30, 2012

Latent Abilities for AD&D Game That Will Probably Never Materialize

Per #23, characters will begin manifesting latent abilities at some random time. Here's what I have so far, but want to expand this is greatly. I'm not sure using the psionic disciplines from the PHB is a good idea or not; maybe I'll go with Mutant Future (which is what I intend to do for #2 below). The inherent spell casting seems cool, but open to abuse...might need to make a chart for that as well. I'm ripping off #7 from here almost completely. There are already randomization tables and everything. #9 seems awesome and I really hope someone is dumb enough to want it. Heh. #10 could be exceeding fantastic in all ways if played right. If you've ever read the plot idea Self-Referential Awareness from Over The Edge 2nd edition, that's sort of the plan I had. As I already stated, game balance is bullshit anyway, might as well go full retard.

Latent Abilities
Manifestation at level d3+1

Roll d10, or player may choose three possibilities (d3)

  1. Psionics, gain psi disciplines per pg. 111 of PHB (+25 to roll)
  2. Mutant power, roll randomly (beneficial only)
  3. Add d10+2 to prime requisite. Cannot exceed 25, but this stat is considered supernatural
  4. Pick any three spells of level 1-3 (druid, MU, illusionist) OR 1 spell of level 4-6. These can be used at-will 2x day each (caster level is overall character level)
  5. Minor invulnerability to normal weapons, can only be affected by +1 magic weapons or better
  6. Intuitive ability to use all weapons and armor even if in violation of class restrictions
  7. Blood of _____ (dragons), slowly gain ______ (draconic) traits
  8. Demon Favor, can summon and control demons
  9. Immunity to mortal magic
  10. Illuminated
Oh, and yeah, I decided to add warlocks as an available character class. Why not?

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