Monday, January 23, 2012

New AD&D Campaign Ideas II

Follow-up to previous post.

13) After some introspection, Summoners and Diabolists from Palladium Fantasy RPG will be made available to play. These classes are really cool and unlike anything in AD&D.

14) Pure clerics (not multi-classed) will be able to "spontaneously cast" healing spells a la 3.X D&D.

15) As I don't foresee using undead much (if at all) in this game, clerics can select a different power, appropriate to their worship/god. Vampires and liches make great plot devices or villains, but kinda suck as just "another monster" to kill.

16) Magic will be extremely rare except where the PCs are concerned. The PCs will probably be the only individuals with any experience in magic. Normal rubes witnessing magic use will either think the PC is demon-possessed or a divine being, depending on the situation. More enlightened individuals will treat magic like my grandmother treats computers.

17) ALL magic items, with the exception of potions and scrolls (i.e. expendable/one-shot), will be special. There are no generic +1 swords. Selling magic items will probably be close to impossible.

18) I'm a fan of lycanthropes, and they will be in the game, but treated differently than the normal AD&D rules.

19) In line with #s 16 and 17, very very few creatures will require magic weapons to hurt. There will always be a "mundane" solution that can be discovered with some effort.

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