Sunday, January 29, 2012

New AD&D Campaign Ideas III

20) Kitchen sink approach...D&D has always been more about pulp than straight fantasy, so I think throwing a lot of that in would be cool. (I'm getting enough eldritch horror from Chris' game, so probably no Cthulhu...) After the characters hit around 3rd or 4th level, there will be a major shift in the campaign to a sci-fi tone, with all sorts of random crap. When that happens, I'll allow humans to switch classes appropriate to the setting (yes, this is the secret benefit humans get...non-humans will be stuck with the fantasy classes).

21) Monster races will be open to play, going with #20. I have a good idea of how to handle these and make them viable but not ridiculously overpowered.

22) "Game balance" will go out the window. Some characters will just be better than others, at least mechanically. I have fond memories of various beggars, vagabonds and marginally skilled characters performing world-alterting tasks so this doesn't bother me a bit.
"I mean, if a pair of scruffy hobbits can dump a ring in the Crack of Doom in defiance of the most awesome heavies in Middle Earth, then this should be a snap." -- Orcbusters
23) All characters will have latent abilities, another classic pulp trope. These abilities will manifest after a random amount of time. Players will have some choice for these abilities, or they can roll on a table. Rolling is fun.

24) All characters will start with a family heirloom, generally a permanent magic item of some sort.

25) Toying with the idea of making CON the character's starting hit points. Hit points are gained normally at 2nd level. This has the advantage of making the characters a bit more durable to start, but won't really impact play after around 4th level.

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