Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So Sunday I used a quote from Orcbusters, one of the best adventures ever written (in my opinion). If you're unfamiliar with the adventure your life has no meaning because it also means you don't know anything about Paranoia, a tour de force of awesomeness. Anyway, Orcbusters is essentially D&D in Alpha Complex (it even takes place in the DND Sector). Wizards, dragons, monsters, magic, all sorts of shit. Troubleshooters are sent to take care of the problem and crack a bunch of skulls. I've played the adventure exactly once, and went through all six clones in around 20 minutes. Fantastic.

Without a doubt, Paranoia is a great game which doesn't lend itself to long-term play. Being successful is actually antithetical to having fun in the game, to be perfectly honest. It was always much more fun to see how many ways you could fuck up, bumbling through obstacles and getting killed. Humor rpgs aren't that popular, but they definitely have a place every so often. Paranoia is probably the best humor rpg ever written, bar none. I have no experience with the "5th edition", nor Paranoia XP nor even the Mongoose version, so cannot comment on those systems. 2nd edition, however, is the pinnacle of badass. Buy it and play it.