Friday, April 27, 2012

The Draft has begun

So the Bills got Stephon Gillmore out of SC (South Carolina...just like Jim Rome, Southern Cal does not exist for me, especially after this crap. Seriously, how the fuck do you retroactively decide you're a National Champ, even though the Aggies were selected by every major poll at the time except for one obscure poll that doesn't even exist anymore? Fuck them.) I am pretty happy with this pick as now, with Mario Williams, the defense is probably 3rd best in the AFC. Maybe even 2nd. If there is no playoff game next season, the front office can burn down to ashes for all I care, this is getting ridiculous. Tannehill went 8th to the Dolphins, which is no surprise given that Sherman is the O-C. After Fran I figured Sherman would be able to turn the program to the right direction, but I'm still longing for the RC days long past. Maybe Sumlin can do something; I figure he has two seasons at most to prove himself in the SEC. I wonder if Bob Stoops would consider moving...

All that said, I'd rather watch the NFL Draft than the Stanley Cup, baseball or basketball. That's not to say I will pass those games up in general, just when football is specifically involved. I'm looking forward to the NBA playoffs this year to be honest, but if they showed the Maroon & White game on tv tomorrow I'd rather watch that vs. a finals game 7. A simple check on tells me they're streaming it over the intarweb...well, Saturday afternoon is filled. Okay, so, I like football, obviously, but I fucking hate fantasy football with a passion. Perhaps it's because I enjoy Real Betting on games (legally in Vegas!), but most likely because I actually have a true emotional investment in some of the teams. Anyway, the point of this post was simply to brag on the Bills starting off the Draft well, as opposed to the Browns who essentially wasted their pick. When Jim Brown says a running back is "just average", I'm inclined to side with him. However, they did get Weeden, who I think was extremely undervalued. He'll be starting next season as I do not think McCoy will do a thing to secure his job. Also, I watched a lot of games last year, and I gotta say that Robert Griffin III is a better player than Luck. The comparisons of Luck to Manning are laughable to say the least; the worst travesty is calling Manning "arguably the best of all-time". Wtf is that? Sir, Joe Montana would like a word with you. That's like all the idiots calling Brett Favre the best Packers QB...he's not even the third best to be honest. One day I hope someone says that earnestly only to be punched in the face by Bart Starr.

Alright, my prediction is Luck sucks balls for two seasons until they get a decent team around him, then wallows in mediocrity until he finally retires. No Ryan Leaf, but surely not a Peyton Manning, either. Griffin will be a perennial contender, and with as weird as the NFC East has been lately, the Redskins have a legit chance to make the playoffs next season. Tannehill will probably start and be pummeled into oblivion, sort of like David Carr.

No one reading my blog probably cares, but at least it's not another tirade, right?


  1. I care. Nobody wasted a pick on Bama this year. Roll Tide!

    1. Trent Richardson apologist!

      I follow conventional wisdom, which is don't draft a RB higher than around 15th. Also, Bama's line was pretty much the best in college, Cleveland's sucks donkey cocks. I wouldn't be surprised if he asks to be traded immediately.