Friday, April 27, 2012


It was a cool night, the staid darkness a barrier to tumultuous times. Or some shit, I can't write anything remotely serious for more than two sentences...such is life. Little Richard is gay. I "found that out" today. I mean, yeah of of course he's gay, so what? He's a legend of rock 'n' roll, who cares...enough okay. I hate what the modern entertainment had become: in the past, you were judged on talent. Now, it's all about image. Bill Haley would haven been voted out in round one, not a rock pioneer. I typed a bunch of hate, but subsequently deleted it as it was probably not meant for you, the genteel folk. Let's just say this: i would murder everyone. But with love. Yes, love of whiskey. But what this post, wtf?

Okay so you're in this bar and the bartender says some shit about your girlfriend being black and you smash a beer bottle on his head (hypothetically). The bouncers step in and try to pummel you (again hypothetically) so you begin fighting. The fisticuffs go down and people start dropping like bitches (no, this didn't happen to me), punches thrown like it was a title fight. Cops are called so you flee to avoid felony prosecution (what, no, this never happened), and drive away from the scene (seriously no), at a rapid rate (I never hurt a fly). Eventually you end up at your hideout (a house in the suburbs), and start quaffing whiskey while ranting about the encountered racism (yeah that sucked). Your girlfriend begins crying, so you softly whisper, "They shall pay" (not really), instead considering how best to violate her in all ways possible. NO I DIDN'T SAY THIS HAPPENED. Instead, I wish it did. Make an adventure about it. The End.