Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Easy way to spot an idiot

"Look, I know I'm smarter than a lot of people."

Followed by several paragraphs explaining what "fun" is. Okay. I would tend to think this was simply some satirical nonsense, but I know better: he honestly believes that tripe.

Good luck with your Dumbfuck Goals of Summer 2012.


mikemonaco said...

Are you saying D&D should not be played *solely* for laughs? I can't think of anyone I played with, or anyone's whose blog or forum posts I've read, who does that. A game can be very funny and played partly for laughs and still have fear, pride, bravery, brilliance etc. too. So what I'm trying to say is, it sounds an awful like you are explaining a why a scarecrow plays D&D so stupidly and badly...
On the other hand my idea of fun can include fear, pride, etc. too so I guess I just don't get your point here. Are you defining 'fun' as the qualia we get from something that is 'funny'?!?

June 6, 2012 1:30 PM

Alexis said...

Shit, mike. Are you actually asking me if I used words I didn't actually use? Because I think it's fairly obvious that if I didn't write the word "solely" in the fucking text, then your comment looks pretty fucking obtuse.

June 6, 2012 1:47 PM

Hilarious. I must ask how this tool manages to coexist with humanity given its utter lack of comprehension of his vastly superior intellect.


  1. That blog is one I always avoid.

  2. You know how I know I'm smarter than you? I don't read blogs written by people I'm notorious for complaining and ragging about. If you had half my brain, you'd stop reading my blog.

    1. Your blog is entertaining in the same way it's entertaining to watch monkeys at the zoo. Also, this reply to my post proves you're not only a narcissistic megalomaniac, but are easily trolled.

      Have fun in your fantasy world, loser.

  3. In all fairness to Alexis, any idiot knows that a given thought can be expressed only EXACTLY ONE WAY, and attempting to clarify such an expression is just being obtuse. The correct explanation is always: *repeat it.* He means what he says and says what he means. (Have I heard that somewhere before?)
    Re-read his last two paragraphs. I *think* he means that 'fun' is a distinct emotion/feeling/qualia and if you say "It's fun to be 'scared' on a roller coaster" he's saying you've contradicted yourself... something is fun or scary (or insert any quality) & never both. But who cares what I think he means, the 'meaning' is apparently there in his statements and cannot be further explicated, certainly not by introducing different words or expressions. o_0

    Anyway the comments there are deleted to protect my obtuseness. As I tried to say there, I hereby declare Alexis *the winner vs. my question.*

    1. Look, there's no such thing as ambiguity in language, especially where nebulous terms like "fun" are concerned.

      Get a dictionary, you fool.