Sunday, June 10, 2012

A few thoughts before NTRPGCon talk

I got back from DFW a few hours ago, and was going over my notes (probably 10 pages filled in my composition book), working on the post I was going to make about the NTRPGCon. I had fun, but it's nice to be back home, sleeping in my own bed. Anyway, got a bunch of good ideas to work on the next few months so the blog posts might become more regular; Left 4 Dead 2 is reaching its limits of playability.

Speaking of fun:

Seriously...seriously? I suppose he felt the need to defend his comments after my call-out, but this is really all I'm going to say: after reading that post, I wonder if Alexis has ever read anything dealing with this subject, specifically within the realm of Utilitarianism and quantitative/qualitative analysis of pleasure, because everything he says is based on an extremely limited, ignorant view. For all his scholarship, he seems to ignore a massive body of work that deals directly with perception and value-judgment of this very topic.