Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NTRPGCon 2012 - Part V

It's been over two weeks since I posted about the Con, as I have been debating whether or not I should share some stories told to me by various parties. Still up in the air on that, but if there is anyone interested I'll relay the info...perhaps privately. Even though they were told over some drinks, in a public setting, perhaps they'd stir up too much controversy. Anyway, here is something I CAN tell without much chance of pissing anyone off:

Dennis Sustare

So I was in the dealers room not That Drunk on Saturday night, mostly because I had already had a few bad experiences the previous night and also because I was keeping an eye on Jason. I guess we had traded off nights to get plastered and do stupid shit. At one point he asked some girl if she wanted to "draw a dick" for him, she said no and got offended or something. Fuck her, seriously. I don't care at all, but the old dude who was trying to hit on her got annoyed and pissed at Jason, so I hauled his ass to Whataburger for some food (I got a chocolate milkshake in case you're curious) and he sobered up a bit. He ranted about some other stuff, justifiably so, and then we headed back to the con. But right before that, I was approached by a guy I did not know, probably in his 60s. He simply said, "That's a really great shirt." And it was. It alluded to my championship in Russian Roulette competitions, of which in fact I am a champion. Surely a braggable feat. I introduced myself, and he himself. Turned out it was Dennis Sustare, someone whose name I recognized immediately.

Mr. Sustare and I started talking about all sorts of random crap, the first of course some game stuff. Because, hey, it was a game con, right? I told him I really liked the economics system from Sword Bearer, and he said that grew out of annoyance with bookkeeping. Basically, as a GM he didn't want to fuck with keeping track of coins and treasure, whatever, so he just created that system. Then I asked him about Kungfu 2100 (yeah, you already knew I would), and why he submitted a whole game in response to a caption contest in Space Gamer. Oddly enough, I had read the article a few days before so it was fresh in my mind. His answer was simple: it seemed like the only reasonable thing to do. That's a great comment from a really creative guy.

But fuck all that gaming crap, Mr. Sustare and I started talking about gaming convention chicks. Or the dearth of such individuals. I just said I was looking for girls and he let me know that anime cons were a great place to meet young ladies. I let him know that a few years ago I had actually played drums for a J-Pop band at a fairly large anime con, which led him to revealing that J-Pop was one of his favorite genres of music. Apparently, he has a station on Pandora devoted to it. I am not making this up at all. We discussed some other stuff in the same vein, mostly about picking up girls, and then he said he was headed to bed. Really cool guy, into young poon and pop music. God bless you, sir.

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