Sunday, September 30, 2012

Completely Unrelated to RPGs (maybe)

I really dislike all the Kickstarter projects that keep asking for money so someone can sit in a room and type up their house-rules for Yet Another D&D Clone. However, the Parallella project is completely unlike the endless OSR Kickstarters, instead a working implementation  that just needs some backing to be manufactured.

If you're at all interested in things like MilkyWay@Home (my personal favorite), SETI@Home or Rosetta@Home, this is definitely something you need to look into. For only $99 you'll get one of the boards when they finally get fully funded, which is ridiculously cheap for the level of processing power. I got an email earlier stating that for $199 you get the 64-way processor model instead of the 16-way, which made me bump up my pledge.

Scientific research has been pushed to the bottom of the heap by the Federal Government in recent years, so it's our moral responsibility to contribute personal funds to enable such research to continue. Stuff like the Parallella project will allow important research to continue, cheaply, and possibly produce some really fantastic breakthroughs. Or you could use it to run a porn server. Either way, help the cause.

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