Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Additional Thoughts on a Game I'll Never Run

Last post about this was back in January, but I had some weird dreams last night after staying up way too late watching the Aggies hold off La-Tech and win, in the exact opposite manner of last season in which they would have found a way to lose. Anyway, a lot of this stuff comes from Tunnels & Trolls, MERP and a few other sources. It's definitely more "pulpy" that a straight fantasy game, which is sort of the point.

1) Revised ideas about classes and magic and stuff...basically dump everything but fighters, thieves and wizards. All wizards must follow some sort of thematic spell-casting and come up with cool names for their spells. Say the wizard is a "fire mage"; he can cast Magic Missile as a spell, but must call it "Bolt of Flame" or whatever. Thieves are pretty much like T&T rogues, and Cugel the Clever would be the prototype.

2) Adding Hunters as a class to replace Rangers. Essentially just combining assassins and fighters, with a few tweaks. Paladins are gone.

3) ALL spells are rolled into one pool. This means wizards can in fact cast from "cleric" lists, but it takes up a slot. I suppose they'll have to decide if they want to cast fireball or a CLW.

4) Going with #1, all wizards must select a patron in order to receive spells. This means that, yes, all spell casters that I'm calling wizards are really priests/clerics. Must fit with the theme they chose. Due to #5, they get to pick a granted power. Patrons will teach how to cast a spell, but no book is necessary most of the time. Basically this means spells are more like math formulas, not some external force. Thieves and hunters can learn some minor magic if they spend the time to do so; fighters lack the proper mental patterns. Anyone can read scrolls. Getting spells from patrons that don't fit within their sphere of influence will be nigh impossible, but a wizard can learn it some other way if they're persistent.

5) To reiterate an earlier point from months ago, undead will exist but characters will have no power over them, i.e. no Turn Undead. I'm going to use them like Tolkien did, though. Wights will attempt to charm people, wraiths are Nazgul, etc. No level drains as although I like them, they're honestly a pain in the ass to run properly. Also, I think undead are overused in the extreme, which makes them pedestrian rather than something to be legitimately feared.

6) All characters can wear whatever armor they can afford. Thieves/hunters get penalties to some of their skills (Unearthed Arcana was good for something). Only fighters get their DEX bonus when wearing armor. Fighters also improve their AC by one step, so Platemail would provide a base of 2 instead of 3 for a fighter. All characters can also use whatever weapons they wish.

7) Magic items are usable by anyone if they know the proper procedure. Unless the instructions are printed on the side, it'll require trial-and-error to get anything to work.

8) Max of 14th level for all classes, using the B/X charts for thief skills (thanks, ACKS!) I'll have to revise the spell-casting charts, but any spell higher than 6th level is beyond the power of a patron to provide. Hit-dice are AD&D, and CON bonuses are gained every level except 1st. At 1st level, characters start with CON number of hit points instead of rolling a die.

9) There will be a "monster" character class. Basically if you want to play some sort of monster, okay. Abilities will be gained at a reasonable pace according to type.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Some Proof For No Reason At All

I've talked about C&S a bunch lately

The other half of the PHBs and DMGs are in storage 

OSR crap I recently bought

Don't even play Pathfinder, but I mentioned it

Stuff I reviewed or mentioned wanting to review recently

Rifts books I bought in the past few months

Crap I won at NTRPGCon

Weird shit

Friday, October 12, 2012

Delving Deeper Yet Again

I literally got the Delving Deeper preview PDFs a few minutes ago, browsed through them, and must say that I made a mistake. These look good. Seriously. I don't understand what purpose they serve (still), other than to duplicate the original D&D boxed set. But they're nice, no doubt about it. From what I can tell, it's basically LBB 1-3 with some Greyhawk thrown in. I do like OEC from Goblinoid, but think it needed to be a complete release. I dislike Swords & Wizardry because it implements some things completely different from OD&D. Delving Deeper is like an expanded OEC, and it's good.

So, basically, if you want to play OD&D get this. Again I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU WOULD WANT TO PLAY OD&D, but hey, that's your decision to make.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Arriba! TheRPGSite and Other OSR Stuff

Why didn't I read this forum before? I've know of its existence for a while, just never had a reason to peruse the threads. But this thread dealing with Dwimmermount made me reevaluate my view of web forums as a waste of time. As someone who essentially buys every OSR product out there (even if I think they're stupid or a waste of money: cf. Delving Deeper), train wrecks like this are of course of great interest to me.

I've held off on rpg-based Kickstarter projects for a while, mostly because Chris convinced me and also because the past few times it's been hit-or-miss. The Dungeon Dice, eh...not a fan. The Labyrinth Lord DM screen, that was pretty good. I'd rather see the product first and decide if I want it, not order it sight unseen and think I got gyped. Of course, I buy almost all my stuff from Amazon or direct retailers, anyway, which means I rarely see anything before I get it. But there's a difference from buying Hackmaster vs. ACKS: I know what to expect with the former, the latter is a gamble. The only gambling I like to do is football betting, not supporting shoddy crap I have no use for.

Also, I got an anonymous email the other day basically insinuating that I couldn't have actually bought all the products I talk about on this blog...well, challenge accepted, Mr. Jackass. Sometimes this weekend I'm going to take a bigass picture of all the stuff I've mentioned on here just to prove I put my money where my mouth is. Quite frankly if someone wants to give me shit because I don't like their product, the one I paid for, they can suck a dick.