Thursday, October 11, 2012

Arriba! TheRPGSite and Other OSR Stuff

Why didn't I read this forum before? I've know of its existence for a while, just never had a reason to peruse the threads. But this thread dealing with Dwimmermount made me reevaluate my view of web forums as a waste of time. As someone who essentially buys every OSR product out there (even if I think they're stupid or a waste of money: cf. Delving Deeper), train wrecks like this are of course of great interest to me.

I've held off on rpg-based Kickstarter projects for a while, mostly because Chris convinced me and also because the past few times it's been hit-or-miss. The Dungeon Dice, eh...not a fan. The Labyrinth Lord DM screen, that was pretty good. I'd rather see the product first and decide if I want it, not order it sight unseen and think I got gyped. Of course, I buy almost all my stuff from Amazon or direct retailers, anyway, which means I rarely see anything before I get it. But there's a difference from buying Hackmaster vs. ACKS: I know what to expect with the former, the latter is a gamble. The only gambling I like to do is football betting, not supporting shoddy crap I have no use for.

Also, I got an anonymous email the other day basically insinuating that I couldn't have actually bought all the products I talk about on this blog...well, challenge accepted, Mr. Jackass. Sometimes this weekend I'm going to take a bigass picture of all the stuff I've mentioned on here just to prove I put my money where my mouth is. Quite frankly if someone wants to give me shit because I don't like their product, the one I paid for, they can suck a dick.


  1. Products.

    I had to do that once before too; take a picture of all the books I read and reviewed. I then got shit for being a show-off. Can't win at all can you?

    1. It's the internet; once you've decided to play the game, you've already lost. Sort of like WarGames.

  2. Gyped is a racially offensive term.