Saturday, March 9, 2013

I don't need to post anymore

Because you can just read this sort of crap. Or, instead of wasting ten minutes of your life, you could  play a game.

Fuck, I don't want to harp on this shit, as it might actually be the ramblings of someone with a serious medical condition, but are you telling me I need to do all that stuff to play a kid's game? Seriously? It's not a fucking medieval simulation, sir, 'tis merely a pleasant diversion meant for enjoyment.

I've been a lot happier avoiding blogs and messageboards and whatever else the past month and I think I'm going to stay away from now on.


  1. I clicked on that link. Good lord, what a bunch of pretentious bullshit.

  2. Thank you, Ncube. Your nonspecific grievances have been super enlightening.

    It's definitely way too much work to rewrite a character sheet every so often to remind myself what's on it, and I can't see for a minute how that might be helpful in a long-running game.

    For that matter, I don't know why I'd ever bother coming up with long-reaching character goals. What a waste of time, right? That's what the DM is there for, to tell me what I want.

    I'm glad I've found a kindred spirit, who also believes that anything that takes more than fifteen minutes can't possibly be fun, worthwhile, and is way too much effort to put into a communal form of entertainment. When can I get an invite to YOUR parties! Hoo-boy, what a blast.

    It'll be so much fun sitting there, knowing that my DM has put no effort into that evening's running. It'll really free me up to not care about how I play, so I can indulge in masturbatory power fantasies without needing to challenge myself intellectually, emotionally, or even really show any kind of respect for whoever's running.

    Thank you, Ncube, for reminding me how dumb seeking deeper enjoyment from entertainment is.

  3. Also, in response to his newest overly sarcastic post (, I can only say you're missing the point once again, as always. D&D is a kid's game, so are baseball and Go Fish. If you are lucky enough to enjoy doing these things as an adult, you will live a long and happy life. Injecting a massive amount of complication and sophistication into a kid's game doesn't change its base nature. In the end, it's all about having fun, and there are many ways to have fun, regardless of what you keep insisting to be the case.

    Please, keep writing 10k word posts about minutiae; that is your schtick, I get it. But saying that's the only way to do it? You might have some sort of pathological disorder.

    1. Baseball a kid's game?

      That's really a complete misrepresentation of a complicated sport that fully-grown adults get paid millions, and millions of dollars to play. Of course if you look at the game in a cursory manner it could be construed as a children's game, but then so too could Basketball, Football, and Chess. They're all games; and yet there is a sophisticated level of play required to become one of the upper echelon players that only an adult can accomplish.

      At their highest levels these "children's games" are anything but child's play as they posses complicated strategies and high levels of skill.

      In many ways the same is true of Dungeons and Dragons. You can call it a child's game because it requires the imagination much in the same way that playing cops and robbers does. Yet as you look at the overall complexity of the game you find it is underpinned with a complicated mathematical system and a highly strategic style of game play that emphasizes team work and "smart" play over a more direct and foolhardy method of play.

      Yes, children do play the game - just as they do chess, war games, and the major sports that dominate the globe - but that does not mean the games are child's play.

  4. "A kid's game"??? Created by adults, played by adults... just because children started playing it too, doesn't make it a "kid's game."

  5. If we're going to spend hours each week playing games and writing blog posts, why is it too much to ask that we spend ten or fifteen minutes reading a well thought out post that tries to explain the actual reasons for playing and why it's fun?

    I guess for some people it is. But I'm not a child, and I like to actually put some effort into something that I spend a significant portion of my life on. I think the problem with the "geek community" in general is that it's a group of people who have decided on an arbitrary limit on how much thought and maturity they're willing to put into anything they do.

    Just because children and particularly childish adults enjoy the game, it doesn't mean that real adults can't enjoy it too. If you wanna be a child, that's your problem, not ours. Maybe you're the one with a "pathological disorder".

  6. I sense a high-level of jealousy from someone unwilling or, more likely, incapable of putting forth the same sort of skill and intellect towards their chosen hobby.

    At the same time, the title of your post is almost supernaturally accurate. All things considered, you probably really don't need to post anymore since you're making it clear you aren't interesting in thought. The internet has no need for any more vapid garbage so, by all means, feel free to stop posting.

    So why is it you have a blog again if not to write about things that interest you?

  7. I see all the idiots who suck Alexis' cock posting comments.

    Mission accomplished.

  8. Brad, my apologies.

    Didn't know you're a middle-schooler. That being the case, I can completely understand your posts and where you're coming from.

    Carry on.

  9. Both of you are being douches about it. Please feel free to act like adults sometime in the next few weeks.

  10. "Tao of D&D" has always irked me just because of the pretentiousness of its title and the presumption that there's a correct way to enjoy gaming. A ten-thousand word post about how to play a character does nothing to change my mind. Ya know, a good principle to follow, and more in line with Taoist philosophy, would be "less is more".

    Hang in there, Brad. Not all weeks are winners.

  11. The sock puppets attempt to insult my intelligence because I don't like pretentious fucks. Okay.

  12. Brad - it's the judging, hate and complete lack of a rational argument that people don't like. You are free to dislike anything you choose, and play a game any way you like, but when you get all judgemental about others' work on your very-public blog, and really don't justify your opinion with anything more than insults, that's when people start throwing the hatin' your way. I see that peoples' reactions bother you enough to post insults in return,. and perhaps you were looking for validation of your views rather than a discussion.

    Furthermore, you had a chance to gather more readers, even if you had opposing views, and IMO you blew it - YOU'RE the one who looks like the child who can't have a rational discussion... and why would another gamer want to read anything filled with irrational ranting and hate?

    Despite my comments above, I commend you for having a blog and being willing to post your views and your work. Perhaps some like how outspoken you are and how you judge others without care. It's ironic, though, that you blog and thus form a small community with others who share your interest, yet you swear to stay away from any other blog communities that don't fit your specific views.

    It just bothers ME to see such hateful things posted by a blog author who obviously shares a gaming passion with another author - even if you disagree on the form it should take.

    1. As someone who reads, and enjoys, both this blog and Tao, I have to agree with ESR.

      The opening of the Tao post in question did, indeed, have a few WTF? moments when I first saw it. And then I read it, and thought about what was being said. And I then decided that it was worth pointing out to other people to read.

      "It's just a children's game" is not as interesting to read. It's not particularly meaningful.

      I hope you get back to more interesting stuff soon.

    2. Then perhaps you should have just kept your yap shut.

    3. You are so easily fucked with it's not even fun anymore.

    4. It was never fun for you, Brad. You're weak. And everyone here knows it.

      You've done a very good job of demonstrating how pathetic you are.

  13. The eternal issue with Tao of D&D is that Alexis can in fact be very insightful and offer some good food for thought, but he wraps it in a shell of pedantry that is so unappealing.

    I've sparred with him in the past, but I decided a while back to be peaceful about the whole thing, leave him to his own devices, and not let myself be bothered by his posts anymore. Why? Because he's pretty much admitted that his stand-offish persona is indeed a shtick. If that's his thing, more power to him. There can be such little joy in life. So if he finds joy in how he rolls, and some readers do as well, then God bless. Everyone else can, blessedly, choose not to read.

    But again, it's a shame that his choice of presentation limits the broader appeal of his message.

    1. As ever, Anthony, like Brad, has wrapped up my intent and my style in terms of what he finds unappealing and from that has extrapolated my writing as a "schtick."

      Anthony, where you and I fell out was where I took the time to describe circumstances where your hypotheses did not apply. You would then reply with more hypotheses, always avoiding the application of these hypotheses to any circumstances, which I would then point out. Faced with someone whom you could not cowe nor intimidate, you fled.

      Brad's complaint and your complaint are similar. Neither of you can control me. You despise my willingness to write whatever I please without taking into account your feelings, your moods, your value or your wish fulfilment. This sucks for you.

      But I am not here to serve you, nor Brad. And that sticks in your craw. So now and then Brad must write that I am once again a cocksucker, and you must rush down into yet another blog and with condescension describe me - a person you've never met - in the manner of a psychoanalist.

      You're both worthy of pity and little else.

    2. In all fairness, I'm clearly not the only person to ever express perplexity at your blog's style/presentation.

      And, as I've always said, I would never presume to change you or anyone else. Such a thing is not possible. Rather, I just wanted my own question answered: why do you do what you do, the way you do it, on your blog? I got my own answers long ago, so I'm satisfied. I was curious because I'd heard the complaints of so many other bloggers, who had dismissed Tao of D&D as blatherings and ravings. I decided to make my own decision on the matter of your intentions. Again, I've come to my own conclusions, which include the fact that you are not in fact a raving lunatic.

      But it's unfair of you to assume you know so much about me, or anyone else. Your insistence on believing that I or anyone else is trying to change you says more about you than it does about anyone else.

    3. To reiterate: I never once desired or believed I could change Alexis or how he writes on his blog. I was, simply and beyond better judgment, extremely curious why someone would want to present themselves as such. As I said above, I felt that my answers were finally satisfied, based on numerous posts by Alexis on his blog, and then I moved on to other things in life. To this day, I still read Tao of D&D, and take what others see as pretentiousness with a grain of salt. Otherwise, I glean great value from Alexis' blog.

    4. This post above describes exactly the large number of people who have troubles with me. Big whoop.

      I'll tell you the reason I "do what I do, the way I do it."

      Because this is who I am. Because this is how I think, this is how I write. These are things I believe. I think my beliefs should be presented in their entirety, with passion and without regard for the sensitivity of others. I swear in print because swearing is a passionate presentation of feeling. I attack because I feel revulsion and disgust for the things I attack. I argue because I believe argument solves problems and makes better human beings. And I dismiss because many things that people try to present as 'facts' or 'argument' are misdirection and either conscious or unconscious avoidance.

      My question is, Why is that a problem? I must conclude from the response that people are threatened. I must conclude that Brad writes this post because he believes his D&D, the D&D he loves, is threatened. I must conclude that he feels to protect his D&D, he must write a post that denegrates and attacks me. And I feel that you, Anthony, must rush to his defense not because you embrace his insults or his rhetoric, but because you yourself have never properly resolved your own mixed feelings about me, and because that lack of resolution continues to smolder and burn at the parts of you that you wish could just be left alone.

      I can't think of any better reason for me to do what I do.

    5. Actually, I chimed in from the perspective of a person who can see the point of both sides of the argument. And I'm sorry you see so much that "disgusts" you...unless you truly enjoy being disgusted. To which I say, attack on!

    6. I don't get to choose how much disgusts me.

    7. Also, I hope you're not perplexed anymore as to why people might be put off by your presentation, Alexis. For whatever reason (I'm sure you have an opinion on the matter), many people react badly to someone who is continually derisive. That's just how people seem to be, by default, and therefore have low tolerance for such a demeanor.

      Perhaps you think that such people, who don't want to be lambasted on a constant basis, are...weak minded? Weak willed? Cowards? Whimps? Unable to hold discourse at some higher level? I'm not sure how you would put it...

    8. What you, and most people fail to understand, Anthony, is that this does not come down to personalities; not mine, and not yours. This doesn't come down to who's comfortable or who's been derisive. While you struggle to get satisfaction from me here, on my blog someone already has - not because I'm 'a nice guy,' but because something I've said struck him as worthwhile.

      While you're focusing on the visceral, others are focusing on the intellectual. They don't CARE how its presented; they're so thirsty for someone to say something that's meaningful they'll take it no matter what the dipper looks like.

      This leaves me free to speak in the manner that is my personality, since I am respected for what I say, not how I say it. Preaching to me that I should say it differently is akin to standing next to me and saying I should give them the water in a cup instead of a dipper. It's cosmetic. You're preaching the values of marketing.

      You'll never be a person of substance that way.

    9. Alexis: "schtick" is not an insult.

  14. My D&D is better than your D&D.

  15. Ncube:

    I've tried to understand you and find some common ground. It's hard to do from a few vague paragraphs and a lot of unnecessary insults, but I've tried. I wrote a post about the relationship between maturity and D&D, and it might address your point. Again, it's hard to tell, because you haven't made it very clear what your point is. Anyway:

    If you wanna actually talk about this, let's talk.

  16. This dude's obviously never played with a player who insists the world revolve around his character to the point of being distructive to the game (though I suspect he's *been* that player many times). More to the point, he's obviously never been in a game with *two* such players who have goals that are mutually exclusive.

    But mostly, dude's thought about this *way* too much. Take a big step back, take a deep breath and repeat after me:

    It's only a game. It doesn't matter.

    1. Goober, I don't know what you think gives you the right to declare that he's thought about the game "*way* too much". He's posting good content on a blog that he and his readers are happy with, and he mostly leaves other people alone. Remember, Ncube is the one who went out of his way to accuse Alexis of having a mental problem, not the other way around. If the game really doesn't matter to you, then why do you care of some other people play differently?

      Anyway, that's not my point. I don't want to get into an argument with you, because neither of us really have anything to do with this anyway. What I wanted to say is that I think it's actually a good point that the Tao post didn't really cover the topic of conflicting character goals, and I think it's a question that deserves to be answered.

      I think the topics of inter-player relationships and
      the difficulty of preserving freedom in large groups are very important but often neglected, and I'd be interested to see a post on these subjects here, on the Tao, or anywhere you want to write about it.

      I just wish you'd drop your petty and anti-intellectual attitude.

    2. "Goober, I don't know what you think gives you the right to declare that he's thought about the game "*way* too much". "

      He's thought abouty it enough to spend the time to write several thousand words on the subject. It's a game. It doesn't matter. And if it does matter, to him, that much, I don't care, and I don't care if anyone else does care. It's a game.

      "I think the topics of inter-player relationships and
      the difficulty of preserving freedom in large groups are very important but often neglected,"

      Neglected, or misuderstood by people who, stereotype that it is, often do not have the best social skills.

      And, for the record, conflicting *character* goals isn't the issue. Conflicting *character* goals is part of the game, quite often the best part. The problem is conflicting *player* goals. And it only takes one player with the goal of "making sure no one else has any fun" to ruin a game. The essay in question was written by somebody who has obviously never had to deal with a player like that, that only enjoys being an ass to everyone else. Two such players in the same game can result in fist fights. But even one can easily result in the destruction of the gaming group.

      "I just wish you'd drop your petty and anti-intellectual attitude."

      And I wish you'd stop whining about how I should care what whiney people whine about. But you're not going to, and your namecalling isn't going to convince me that a game matters in any way whatsoever. If you're not having fun, do something else with your recrational time. If a roleplaying game *matters* to you, you've got issues that far beyond whether or not the gamemaster caters to your whims.

      The counterpoing to this rambling, stream of consciousness diatribe is what we call The Butter Knife Rule: "It's my game, and if I say a butter knife isn't available, a butter knife isn't available." And if you game with grown ups, that's the end of it.

    3. So he's wrote a "several thousand words". I knew that already, it was in the title of the god-damn post. What I want to know is WHY you think a few thousand words is too much. You keep making these unsupported, unequivocal statements like "games don't matter", and if you want me to take your argument seriously you'll have to actually provide some evidence.

      And for your information, I have a lot of fun playing. Part of what's fun for me is thinking hard about how to play and watching my techniques improve over time. I enjoy reading long posts about the game too. Believe it or not, some people enjoy reading.

      What I'm saying is that you don't have any right to tell me what should matter to me and what it is or isn't acceptable for me to do. If the game doesn't matter even slightly to you, maybe you're the one who needs to stop playing. But do whatever the hell you want. I really don't give a shit.

      I don't expect you to reply to this, I just don't want to give you the last word and let you think you in some way convinced me or scared me off. I stand by my assessment of you and your ridiculous half-assed argument. From what I can tell, you are an unintelligent and unpleasant person.

      Oh, and one more thing: I fucking AGREED with you, you dumbass. I went to the Tao and asked Alexis to answer your question. It was your last three sentences I took issue with. Learn to fucking read.

  17. The real irony here, and an extremely hilarious one at that, is how IDGAF if idiots comment on my blog posts, yet Alexis moderates his replies AND deletes shit on a whim.

    Please, continue the stupidity. I enjoy reading it.

    1. That's not what irony is, I don't see how it's hilarious, and you clearly do give a fuck what we say, otherwise you wouldn't be trying so hard to prove that you don't.

      Wrong on everything, as usual. Still, thanks for not blocking my comments. I'm having fun.

  18. "So he's wrote a "several thousand words". I knew that already, it was in the title of the god-damn post. What I want to know is WHY you think a few thousand words is too much."

    You didn't ask why I though that was too much. You asked why I though he'd thought about it way too much. I answered that. That time would be better spent *playing* the game.

    "You keep making these unsupported, unequivocal statements like "games don't matter", "

    And you're now moving your goalposts. I answered what you asked, and now you attack me for not answering something else completely, that you didn't ask, about something I didn't say.

    "and if you want me to take your argument seriously you'll have to actually provide some evidence."

    I don't care if you take me seriously or not. And the fact that you feel this matters so much that proving some evidence is even worth mentioning suggests that you've got a lot more invested in gaming that it's worth. Maybe you should go to a movie or something.

    "And for your information, I have a lot of fun playing."

    The issue at hand isn't whether or not *you* (that's a generic "you," not your specifically) have fun playing. The
    issue is whether or not you having fun keeps other people from having fun. That's the scenario the guy who wrote the original blog post has obviously never had to deal with (though I suspect he's caused it a few times).

    " Part of what's fun for me is thinking hard about how to play and watching my techniques improve over time. I enjoy reading long posts about the game too. Believe it or not, some people enjoy reading."

    I read incessently, and have since grade school. I'd rather *play* a game that read about how someone else thinks I should play a game. Strictly speaking, I think I rather gouge my eyes out with a titanium spork than read another rant like the one that started this.

    "What I'm saying is that you don't have any right to tell me what should matter to me and what it is or isn't acceptable for me to do."

    Sure I do. You have the right to ignore it, of course. Or whine about it, as you're doing. But that doesn't change my right to say it.

    " If the game doesn't matter even slightly to you, maybe you're the one who needs to stop playing."

    I play roleplaying games to have fun. I have fun when I do. Ergo, I meet my goals in doing so. When they're not fun, I stop playing and do something else that is fun. See how easy that is?

    " But do whatever the hell you want. I really don't give a shit. "

    You seem awfully worked up over something you don't give a shit about.

    "I don't expect you to reply to this,"

    I suspect it's more a matter of "I wish you wouldn't reply to this beacuse you're really pissing me off," because . . .

    " I just don't want to give you the last word and let you think you in some way convinced me or scared me off."

    Which is to say, your ego has been bruised by someone disagreeing with you on the internet. Dude, get a grip. Like gaming, comments on a blog post that nobody reads don't matter either.

    " I stand by my assessment of you and your ridiculous half-assed argument."

    I don't care. And won't care, no matter what you do.

    " From what I can tell, you are an unintelligent and unpleasant person."

    From what I can tell, you have issues. Mostly, passive/aggressive tendencies, and a weak self image that makes you unable to deal with people disagreeing with you like an adult. Perhaps you're not an adult. I'd guess you're maybe 12 years old, and spend most of your time in your Mummy's basement. Perhaps if you got outside once in a while, and lost some of that pasty complexion, a real girl would let you touch her boobies.

    Then you'd agree that roleplaying games, while an amusing pastime once in a while, don't really matter.

    1. We all have issues, friend. That's immaterial. And your conjecture as to the age and dwelling place of the author is just that...conjecture. You're also assuming flawed complexion as well as a lack of sexual experience on the part of the author. Again, conjecture.

      All of this, frankly, undermines your earlier efforts to craft a cogent argument, because you stooped to engage in ad hominem.

  19. It's not conjecture, it's namecalling. Try to pay attention.

    "All of this, frankly, undermines your earlier efforts to craft a cogent argument,"

    I'm not trying to craft a cogent argument. I'm making fun of a whiner.

    "because you stooped to engage in ad hominem."

    I didn't start the namecalling. But you don't mention that. In other words, you're taking sides, but you're not man enough to admit it. More adolescent passive/aggressive gameplaying.

    1. I don't even know what to fucking say to this. I asked why you said he'd thought about it too much, and you said he wrote a few long blog posts. I don't think that's evidence, and if you want me to accept it, you'll have to give solid reasons. Why is this hard to understand?

      I don't know why I'm even still talking to you. You just admitted you're not trying to craft a cogent argument. Apparently you're trying to hurt a twelve year old's feelings. Which is kind of fucked up, to be honest. You made a blog about a bank ripping you off, so I assume you're an adult at least in terms of age. If you really think I'm twelve, why aren't you ashamed of yourself for how you're acting?

      For the record I'm seventeen, I guess I'm kind of pale and I haven't had the best romantic luck so far. Make of that what you will. This is the name I go by in person, my real first name is Alonzo. Look me up on facebook if you want. I see no reason to hide my identity.

      For the record, you started the ad hominems. I called your attitude petty and anti-intellectual, not you the person. The thing is, we both play to have fun. The difference is that when it stops being fun, you stop playing and do something else, while I stop playing, think about what went wrong, and try to improve my technique so my players have more fun next time.

      Reading and thinking about the game doesn't detract from actually running games. Between the times when it's possible to schedule games, I do it to improve my skills. It helps. My players appreciate it. I don't want to waste anyone's time, so I actually do a tiny bit of work.

      I have neither the right, the desire, nor the opportunity to convince you that games matter. That's fine with me. I don't discuss games at all with 99% of the people I know, and I'm fine with that. It just doesn't interest most people.

      But when I'm on the internet, on blogs about games and reading comments on these blogs, I expect everyone to believe that games are somewhat meaningful and that it is worthwhile to work to improve them. Since you commented on a blog, I thought you agreed as well. Apparently not.

      It is clear that we're not part of the same community and not playing games the same way or for the same reasons. I cannot have a a meaningful discussion with you about games, because you have a priori decided that it is impossible.

      I really would love to talk the actual subject over with you, because I think you do actually have something to say. But it's clear that I can't. Good bye. I wish I could say it was nice talking to you.

    2. More passive/aggressive namecalling, as expected. Run away, little boy, and hide. That's what your sort do when confronted with grown ups.

    3. What?? Did you actually read Ozzie's post? Where exactly is this "More passive/aggressive namecalling (as expected)" that you refer to?

      "Run away, little boy, and hide" - what a truly mature response - well done!

      "That's what YOUR SORT do when confronted with (sic.) grown ups". Well, that told him! You are clearly the victor, Goober - take your spoils. (By the way, what exactly are your spoils in this instance?)

      I can't wait until I'm a grown-up, then I can start behaving like you...

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